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What Does 1-androstene-3b-ol,17-one Do For Bodybuilders?

1-androstene-3b-ol, 17-one is a legal prohormone which many bodybuilders rely upon in order to gain size and strength. It is a synthetic version of a hormone which features a shorter amino acid chain. When you use this prohormone as a supplement, you'll find that it works in a steroid-like fashion, by being converted into an active hormone via the body's own metabolic process.

Today, we're going to talk in more depth about 1-androstene-3b-ol,17-one and why bodybuilders are using it in order to achieve their fitness goals.

Properties of This Prohormone

This legal prohormone is also commonly referred to as, 1-Andro, 1-DHEA, and 1-Androsterone. 1-androstene-3b-ol,17-one is a pro-steroid and trace amounts of it are found in the human body, without supplementation. When introduced into the body as a supplement, a two step conversion to an anabolic steroid takes place, ultimately functioning as one well-known illegal steroid, 1-Testosterone, does.

1-Testosterone is structurally similar to Testosterone but differs with a modification in the double bond. This slight difference in structure results in a beneficial change in metabolism than standard testosterone. It cannot be converted to estrogen via aromatase nor can it be turned into DHT. This makes it a very stable molecule and resists most traditional routes of metabolism.

A 2006 study determined that 1-Testosterone has a high androgenic and anabolic potency even without being metabolized. 1-Testosterone binds in a manner that is highly selective to the androgen receptor (AR) and has a high potency to stimulate AR-dependent transactivation. 1-Testosterone has an anabolic to androgenic ratio of 200/100, which is superior to testosterone!

1-androstene-3b-ol, 17-one is renowned for its ability to give powerful anabolic results which are superior to those of testosterone. However, 1-Testosterone provides androgenic effects which are not as strong as testosterone. If you want 1-Testosterone effects, including strength and lean muscle size gains, this prohormone, may be the right choice for you.

This prohormone is preferred by many bodybuilders due its weaker androgenic effects. Since it doesn't have the pronounced androgenic metabolites of testosterone, its side effects are typically not as intense. For example, men who use 1-androstene-3b-ol,17-one may be less susceptible to steroid-induced hair loss, although hair loss can still be a risk. They may also be less likely to experience acne during supplementation with the prohormone, or to experience milder cases of acne. As well, many female bodybuilders like this prohormone, as it provides increased muscle mass without the risk of masculinization.

How to Use 1-Andro

Higher dosages are usually chosen, as they offer bodybuilders the biggest gains in terms of strength and lean muscle mass. Keep in mind that dosages are dependent on the delivery system used by the manufacturer. Even the highest doses tend to produce gains which are relatively mild when compared to illegal steroids. Therefore, you should anticipate mild to moderate improvements in strength and muscle mass while using this supplement. When you use this compound, you'll find that your HDL/LDL ratio is unaffected.

Side Effects and Warnings

All prohormones should be avoided if you are under the age of twenty-one. These supplements aren't for anyone under this age and they are also unsuitable for those who are pregnant or nursing. In addition, you should be aware that prohormones, including 1-androstene-3b-ol,17-one, may not be permitted by certain athletic organizations. If you're planning to compete, make sure that you know the rule's for your preferred organization, whether it's Strongman, CrossFit or bodybuilding (to name just a few examples).

Bear in mind that this particular precursor of a hormone is actually used as a legal prohormone replacement for an array of banned supplements. So, it may be illegal in certain organizations that you are a part of. In terms of side effects, they'll be much milder than typical steroid side effects. For example, a small percentage of people could experience some acne and hair loss. However, it wouldn't be nearly as extreme as what you'd likely experience while taking a banned steroid.

Is This Supplement Right for You?

If you're not getting the strength and lean muscle mass gains that you want, despite regular and intense training, you may find that this prohormone helps you to bust through fitness plateaus. As with all prohormones, it has its benefits and drawbacks. However, many bodybuilders find it a practical alternative to harsher or illegal anabolic supplements.

Choosing the Best 1-Andro Prohormone

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